Using Cannabis

For many years, cannabis has been a prevalent fixture in pop culture; we see it referenced in countless movies, songs, and social media posts. But it wasn’t until recently that cannabis was legalized in Canada. Now, other countries in the world are following suit. We’re seeing a growing acceptance of cannabis for various recreational and medical purposes.

As cannabis becomes more popular, more consumers are asking questions about this unique plant. They want to know things like:

  • What are the differences between THC and CBD?
  • How should I ingest and dose cannabis?
  • What can I do to use cannabis responsibly?

At Green Gaia, we’re happy to help you answer these common questions. Keep reading to learn more about using cannabis:

Letting Go Of Stigma

In 2018, history was made when Canada became the second country to legalize recreational cannabis. Across the nation, Canadians can visit dispensaries to purchase legal cannabis. 

Cannabis sunrise

This historic legislation goes to show just how far we’ve come. Cannabis was initially outlawed in Canada in 1923. Now that this leafy green plant is legal again, we can gain a deeper understanding of it. Consumers can now choose to use this product for recreational and/or medical purposes, whether it’s dried flower, edibles, or concentrates.  

From terpenes to cannabinoids, there are hundreds of compounds in cannabis that we are just beginning to understand. We look forward to learning more about cannabis as research continues.

Curious about cannabis? Check out some of our upcoming blogs about it:

How To Read Cannabis Labels

On any cannabis product package, you’ll find a lot of information. And if you’re new to cannabis, some of these terms may be tricky to understand.

Cannabis labels are used to indicate the potency and type of strain that you’re purchasing. It’s important to understand what distinguishes various strains. That’s why we’ve written this article, where we break down how to read a cannabis label.

What’s The Best Way To Smoke?

There are all sorts of different ways to consume cannabis—you can eat it, vape it, or apply it to your skin. But what’s the best way to smoke it? In this post, we review all the methods you can use to smoke cannabis and the differences between them. After reading it, you might be inspired to pick up a new bong or pipe.

Keep Your Cannabis Fresh

Have you ever forgotten to store your cannabis in a sealed container? The next time you use it, you notice that it’s gotten dry and crumbly. What can you do to keep your cannabis fresher for longer? We’re going to cover storage techniques that will keep your cannabis safe and potent. This helps the cannabis retain its punchy aroma and distinct flavour. 

Have A Green Thumb?

Are you a fan of growing plants? If so, you might be interested in trying to grow your own cannabis. We’re going to explain how to germinate cannabis seeds. With this guide, you can get a brief overview of how to grow cannabis yourself.

Learn More About Cannabis

Cannabis is an incredibly diverse and unique plant. At Green Gaia, we’re happy to help our customers gain a deeper understanding of cannabis. To learn more, visit our experience page.

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