Tips For Safely Storing Cannabis

Have you ever opened your cannabis container, only to find that the buds have turned dry and flavourless? Or worse, mouldy?

When you’re storing your favourite cannabis product, you know that you want to preserve its quality, taste, and texture. But you aren’t sure how to prevent mould growth or dryness. What’s the best way to store weed? 

Here’s how to properly store cannabis:

Storage Solutions

Store your weed in these conditions to keep your cannabis fresh and extend its shelf life. For long term storage solutions, take note of these tips:

Temperature control

When you’re storing weed, you want the temperature to remain stable. The ideal temperature is around 21° Celsius (or 70° Fahrenheit).

Airtight containers will help you maintain consistent temperatures. Try to avoid any extreme conditions; high temperatures will deteriorate the potency of the cannabis buds while freezing temperatures will dry them out. You’re looking for the sweet spot in the middle. 

For short-term storage, you can use the original container that the cannabis came in (as long as it has a complete seal). Otherwise, we recommend transferring it to a mason jar.

Avoid UV rays

Sunlight is great for our mental health—but not so much for our cannabis. Ultraviolet rays will degrade the quality of your cannabis. Store marijuana in a location that’s protected from sunlight. 

We recommend finding a dark place to store your weed. As you’re using it, try to reduce exposure to UV rays. Properly store weed to protect it from sun damage.

Clean your containers

If you store your cannabis in a container that’s dirty or grimy, you may end up consuming that bacteria. Be sure to clean the storage container thoroughly before using it.

Moisture content

For proper storage, you need to monitor the relative humidity. Maintaining proper humidity levels is key. Shoot for 59-63% RH.

Too much moisture can lead to mould growth. Too little moisture can result in dry weed. You may need to use humidity packs to reach an ideal moisture level.

Use an airtight glass container to prevent your weed from growing mould. Plastic bags won’t cut it—instead, we suggest using mason jars. 

Use child-safe containers

Make sure to store your cannabis in a place that’s safe from children or pets. This will prevent someone from accidentally consuming it. If you live with young children or teenagers, you might consider buying a lockbox. 

Can You Use Expired Weed?

Is it safe to use marijuana or cannabis-infused products past their expiration date? As long as the bud is adequately stored, it should still be safe. Keep in mind that potency degrades as weed gets older. If you see any mould on the product, it’s best to discard it.

The Benefits of Proper Weed Storage

When you invest in high-quality cannabis storage, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • It tastes better! If you appreciate the nuanced flavours of different cannabis flower strains, then it’s worth your while to store cannabis properly. 
  • No more mouldy weed. If you consume cannabis that’s gone mouldy, you may experience nausea or vomiting
  • Keep your cannabis safe from pets and children. When you’re storing weed, putting it in a safe place will protect others in your household.

If you have any questions about proper cannabis storage, we can help! At our Okanagan cannabis shop, we’ll help you keep your weed fresh. For cannabis products and more, contact us today!

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