How do you make the Okanagan’s favourite cannabis store even better? You add A Little Bud

That’s right: Green Gaia Cannabis is now owned and operated by the legendary A Little Bud cannabis company. We’re excited to bring a fresh new feel along with a fresh new inventory. 

At Green Gaia, we’re all about providing the best possible experience for our customers. Want to know more about cannabinoids? Looking for a certain strain of cannabis? We’ve got your back. Our friendly staff members are happy to answer any questions you might have, and share our knowledge about cannabis.

Customer service is important to us; we’re here to help you find the products and experiences that you’re looking for. On our website, you can filter products by brand. You’ll find popular cannabis producers like Broken Coast Cannabis, DOJA, and Ignite. 

We offer popular cannabis products like:

  • Pre-rolls

  • Dried flower

  • Vaporizers

  • Concentrates

  • Topicals

  • And edibles

Be sure to visit our website often; we’re always updating our product selection with new specials and sales. You can place a pickup order and grab it in-store, or try out our delivery service FREE until March 2022!

Interested in visiting one of our retail locations? Check out Green Gaia Cannabis today! 

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