5 Awesome Venues For Local Music In Penticton

There’s something about live music that makes your heart thump. Maybe it’s the energy of the room. Maybe it’s the surround sound in your ears. Or maybe it’s the brownie you had just before the show. 

person singing while playing an acoustic guitar on an outdoor patio

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a greater push to support local businesses. Along with buying locally-made products and services, it’s also important to support local musicians. That’s why we’ve put together this list of venues you have to visit in Penticton. 

If you’re familiar with notable musicians in Penticton, then you’ve probably heard of Mike Reno (the lead singer from Loverboy) and Spencer Krug (the singer and keyboardist from Wolf Parade). Penticton has a lively music scene; to hear its unique sounds, you need to check out the spots on our list.

Our top 5 places for listening to live music in Penticton include:

  1. The Dream Cafe
  2. Cannery Brewing
  3. Barley Mill Brew Pub
  4. Copper Mug Pub
  5. The Barking Parrot Bar

Let’s get into why we love these venues:

The Dream Café

Watching a live music performance fills you with a special kind of energy—The Dream Cafe is the type of place that, after your first visit, you’ll come back to again and again.

Some people think of Penticton as a quiet city. But on a late night at The Dream Cafe, it’s anything but. From the sidewalk, you’ll hear notes of swinging jazz, soulful folk, and pop-punk. 

This musical gem has been around since 2001. It’s been called one of the best blues clubs in Canada. At this bar, it’s all about appreciating the music. Tables have “shush notes” that encourage patrons to be quiet during performances. 

If you’re looking for a night of live music, delicious food, and good times, make sure to hit The Dream Café. Check out their “Past Shows” page to see a list of who has performed here. 

Cannery Brewing

Along with performances by local musicians, Cannery Brewing features an array of BC Beer, Wine, and Ciders. They make their own beer in-house! Pair your locally-brewed drink with a tasty Cheese Board or Chicken Nachos.

On their “Events” page, you can see a list of upcoming acts. Some acts have a cover charge, but others are free! They also have a store stocked with clothing, soap, bottle openers, and rolling papers. 

In the summertime, you can visit The Cannery Backyard, where you can listen to music in the great outdoors. It’s a family-friendly (and dog-friendly) patio where you can enjoy live entertainment, or play a board game with friends. 

Barley Mill Brew Pub

At Barley Mill Brew Pub, you’ll enjoy classic pub food favourites and exciting live acts. Every week, they host comedy, trivia, and musical performances. If you’re seeking a unique live music experience, stop in for Karaoke night. 

Live music aside, you’ll keep coming back here for the tasty food menu. Make sure to try their specialties, like the Brew Battered Poutine or The Barley Burger. 

This bar makes a variety of craft beers. A few popular selections include the Classic Lager, Scarlet Red Amber, and Nite Mare Brown. 

Copper Mug Pub

This pub is the oldest one in Penticton; it’s been around since 1974! The Copper Mug Pub has a fun and friendly atmosphere. They feature a wide variety of events, including paint nights, fundraisers, and music shows with local artists. 

If you’re seeking a healthier dinner, you’ll enjoy their lighter fare options, including Fish Tacos and Greek Salad. After a long weekend, you can stop by for a tasty Sunday breakfast.

The Barking Parrot Bar

When you spend an evening at The Barking Parrot Bar, it won’t take long for you to see why this venue is such a popular spot in Penticton. You’ll experience tasty cocktails, mouth-watering meals, and incredible live music. There are plenty of Penticton favourites on the menu, from Deep Fried Pickles to the Parrot Deluxe Burger. 

The sound quality at this place is impeccable, with a professional sound system, stage setting, and lighting setup. On top of that, the venue features a lakeside patio that looks out onto the beach. 

Make sure to check out their upcoming events; they’re always featuring new musical guests. And no, there isn’t actually a barking parrot at the venue. Or is there? You’ll have to stop by to find out. 

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